The Eye Never Sleeps 2016

3rd edition


The basic problem (theme) of this year’s meetings is the concept of Love. Love not only understood in the context of a feeling, but in many other contexts, often unnoticed and not directly resulting from the research conducted or the area of scientific interest.

An additional question we would like to pose to the invited lecturers and panelists is:

“Is the turn of many in the humanities to art as an alternative form of representing, analyzing, understanding and changing the world to science an expression of deepening relationships, or a syndrome of abandoning one field in favor of another?”

Relational symposium- basic assumptions.

The relational symposium is a scientific and educational activity abstracted from the experience of two editions of “Non-accidental Encounters”, carried out by the Rozruch Culture Foundation in 2014 and 2015 at the Palace Complex Lubostroń near Łabiszyn. The project combines the formula of a seminar panel integrally combined with film screenings, exhibitions, theatrical performances, happenings and perfomances. One of the objectives of the meetings was to present art that escapes simple descriptions. Art that is intuitive, irrational and experimental.

In the course of the meetings, we want to conduct a preliminary study of the processes taking place between the participants and the various forms of participation in our event. We also want to present various forms of cooperation between lecturers, artists, organizers and audiences. We want to urge lecturers, artists, organizers to change the formula of participation (presentation). Our goal is to produce very close, creative relations. The consequence of our meeting will be the publication of selected materials (probably in the form of a film report), the form and content outline of which will be created during the symposium.

Relational symposium consists of lectures by invited scientists, critics, experts on the subject matter of interest, as well as speeches (lectures) by invited artists describing the causes and consequences of their actions in the fields of research and art they represent (presentations in completely free form). All participants of the meetings for four days become residents (Lubostroń Palace Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship) realizing on-site their spaces of artistic, intellectual or research expression. In addition to answering the basic question (problem) posed by the organizers, the purpose of the meetings will also be to create a system of scientific registration and elaboration of conclusions from the meetings. We also want to create a methodology leading to the performance of a synthetic description of the event and its meaning in the cultural, social, artistic, performative context. We feel that the processes that take place in the course of a meeting between artists, scientists, organizers, representatives of institutions, and thus the rather elusive influence of all types of activities on each other, are or can be interesting.

Andrew Banach, in his essay On Dreams and New Art, cites the thought-provoking slogan of French fauvist Raoul Dufy: “To name by name – is to destroy. Suggestion – is creativity. That which is ephemeral and elusive has always been opposed to scientific solidity. Europeans striving for rationalization, technization and medicalization of reality at all costs have often encountered insurmountable obstacles in their path because of this. Fortunately, a whole swath of no-man’s land stretches between the trenches of the two extreme camps, and art is free to draw on all kinds of inspiration, combining seemingly opposing themes (e.g., scientific proofing). Knowledge and intuition, Platonic doxa and episteme, or ultimately, java and dream, all ultimately intertwine into one inseparable whole.” As a result of a collective analysis of the experiences and signals of the scientific and artistic community, we decided to establish an independent relational symposium, as an autonomous creation that inhabits the “no man’s land” stretched between science and art.

Meetings and symposium is co-financed by the Marshal’s Office of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship Cooperation: Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz and the Cultural Institution Lubostroń Palace.

Oko Nigdy Nie Śpi
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Bydgoszcz, Lubostroń